Saturday, September 22, 2012

The reason it all began

Once upon a time this mother knew her first born son would one day be a Senior.  She also knew that she would be the one to take his Senior photo's.  She had her ideas and spoke them out loud to the husband and so it began.....
Now the time is here and he is a Senior.  So the mother took a few shots of him late this evening.

We, (the son &I), have been putting this off for a while.  I don't know why.  Dad has been busy building bridges, docks, "porches", finding old trucks like 'Mater and Maggie.  While we just put it off.  Maybe because we knew what it meant. 

These were just "round one".  We got started to late and lighting wasn't the best.  But I have to say, "be still my heart", when I look at them.

The time has come.  The invitations have been ordered.  Cap and gown? Yes it has been ordered too.  The picture to appear in the yearbook, you know the one with the tuxedo jacket? Yes, it has been done and ordered too. 

So when someone ask me how I got started in this, my reply is this,  It started as a hobby.  Taking pictures of my boys.  As they got older, I still tried to capture who they were and what they were into.  As this time was approaching my mind was busy planning and thinking out loud.   And as usual, as I thought out loud, D listened and took mental notes.  Hence the acreage and Ella B's. 
All because he was going to be a Senior one day.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

True love stories never have endings...

If looks could kill me, I think this one would.  But then again, I don't think on this day, he would kill anyone.  Whether he would want anyone to know it, he was the happiest guy on the planet.

That church in the background played a vital role in the lives of these two.  It is where it really all began.  Twenty two years ago to be exact.  That is where D & I were married.  That is where she first saw him.  They were barely out of diapers.  No.  I'm just kidding but they were a couple of years away from being "teen agers".  She says she told her mama she would marry him.

But as life and fate would have it, they didn't end up together on the first go around. The little man in the above picture and the one in the below are hers.  But oh how they love him and how he loves them.  The title on the above picture would have to be "Waitin on a woman".  And he did.

See you can see the love they have.

It is hard to know which one is the bigger kid. 

She didn't want him to see her in her dress before the ceremony.  He didn't.  He waited patiently up until the moment.

And here it was.  Finally.  There are more of her approaching, but for time and personal reasons, I won't post.  Let's just say it was an emotional moment.  For all of us. Oh, by the way, the preacher there is her daddy.

Some people wait a lifetime, some look for a lifetime and never find their one true love.  These two had a second chance and jumped at it. 

I don't think it is anything they will ever regret.

This one is one of my favorites.  I will have to say this about him.  He would have never let me do this before her.  And if he knew I was doing it now, well, after the honeymoon and they settle into reality, that is when he may kill me.  I'm kidding.  I really don't think he will care.
We are all over the top to have these three new/old people and their family to become part of ours. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

They still have it!

When you have been married to the same person for fifty years, a blog post is in order.  When you have been married to the same person for fifty years, there is a reason to celebrate. 
They were the sweetest couple.  Very quiet and very humble.  I had so much fun and was so honored to have been asked to do this for them. 

You can almost see that young boy she fell in love with how many years ago? 

There's many years of stuff between these two.  Children, grand kids, parents.  Life.  And they are still holding on to each other and their Lord.  Both smiling and still happy.  Now that is what marriage is about.  Through good and bad.  And the way they talked, there had been both. 
He made the comment that he still found her as lovely now as he did then.  And I could tell it. 
Again, I count it a privilege to have been asked to do this for them.  I wish them the best as they start out on fifty more.

Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm still around!

 I thought I should let you all know that I am still around.  That I am still in business.  Thing of it is, life just got busy and it became too easy to just tag my customers on facebook. 
This young man was in the drum line.  This was my favorite.

He also likes to hunt.

This one is mine.  He's not a senior yet.  We will have that to do this summer.  Ugh!

The whole family came to do his senior pictures.  I love this one.

Last home game.  Last time on the field to perform the field show at half time.

I have to give credit where credit and praise are due. God was so good to us last year.  He blessed me by sending those of you who allowed me the honor of capturing special moments for you.  Whether it was baby's first photos, baby's first birthday, senior, family.  Whatever.  It was an honor and I am so thankful.  I will say for those of you who do not know me or my style, this is a hobby.  I can't tell you how to pose.  I want natural shots.  As natural as you can be anyway.  I like to to tell the story.  I love nothing more than to turn those little ones loose and let them explore.  I want the experience to be stress free. Spring will soon be here.  I can't wait.  So if you have a little one, a senior, or just wanting some family pictures, contact me.  I would love to capture those moments for you.

Monday, October 3, 2011

She likes her jeans and t-shirt just fine!

Once upon a time like maybe close to eighteen years or so......

Her mom and dad became proud parents of
the only girl.

And now here she is almost grown.

Mom requested some shots in a dress but truth be told she is more
comfortable in her jeans and t shirt.  But who's not? 

The sad thing about this is I remember when they moved into our
community and now here she is, with her class, waiting for May.

Time has gone by way too fast and the sweet, quiet young girl has grown into a sweet, quiet
young lady. 

I know mom and dad are so very proud.

And I am so glad that they asked  me to capture these memories for them. 
Here's to you and your class!  I had a blast working with you.  Good luck in all you set out to do!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Going to the Chapel and we're gonna get married

I had the honor of taking engagement pictures for this fun, young couple.  They were so much fun.  Thanks you two for asking me to do this for you.  I enjoyed it so much. 

I think they are heading to the chapel sometime this winter.

Life awaits them.  If they are like most of us they are filled with wonder.

May the days hold lots of conversations.....

Lots of laughs...

Lots of good times.

But most of all, many years of happy and togetherness.
Yes there will be many frustrating days, but at the end of each day, may they remember why they
chose each other.  Again, thank you for letting me capture this special time for the two of you.  I wish you the best. 


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's beach time!

 A couple of posts back I told you that we took a vacation and while we were there I worked a little bit.  Well, this is another family that I had the opportunity to photograph.  This was baby's first trip to the beach.  And although he may not really be thinking it, use your imagination with me for a second.  This is how I usually feel when we get there.....Ahhhh yes, I finally made it!

Nobody loves like a mama!

But then again, daddy loves his boys too.

There really is nothing better than sand on your feet.

Is there?

I just love this one.  One of my all time favorites.  But then again, I have a lot of those.  But this one ranks up there.

This lil fella was ready to be done with all this.  There were other things to do besides take pictures.

Again I am grateful to have the opportunity to capture these moments for this sweet family.  It may not mean anything to anyone else but me, but like I said, this was baby's first trip to the beach.  Memories were made.  Memories were captured.  I'm glad they asked me to be the one to do it.